Development Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to generate revenue to fund MASFAA’s services and activities and to help build a financially sound and successful Association.


The Committee is chaired by the current Associate Member At Large and may include voluntary committee members as well.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Solicit exhibitor funds from appropriate agencies and organizations.
  2. Ensure that exhibitor funds, and the expenses they are applied to, do not present a conflict of interest based on state or federal recommendations or guidelines.
  3. Maintain a current listing and database of exhibitors with contact names, addresses, and telephone/fax numbers. For repeat exhibitors, listing will also track prior year contribution(s).
  4. Receive and acknowledge exhibitor information and payments, with copies to Committee Chairpersons, the President, and all members of the Executive Council.
  5. Coordinate mailings with the Chair of the Membership Committee.
  6. Oversee, monitor and implement policies and procedures relative to the solicitation, procurement and retention of exhibitors.
  7. Develop and recommend development policies to the Finance Committee and the Executive Council.

Committee Members

Stephanie Wells