Government Relations Committee


To provide expertise and tools that enable Association members to advocate at the federal and state level. To review, analyze, and/or evaluate and respond to regulatory, legislative, and programmatic issues, and to assist in the dissemination of information when appropriate. To identify, consider and develop Association positions on long-range policy issues and serves as a resource for legislators and their aides.


The Committee is chaired by individuals appointed by the President. The Committee is composed of volunteer members.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Establish, foster and grow a new generation of aid professionals who value and engage in advocacy at the federal and state level.
    • Develop and promote innovative engagement opportunities that resonate with members across the age and experience spectrum.
    • Provide training on how to interpret and advocate for change in regulation and policy at the federal and state level.
    • Engage with members and institutional leaders across the Association to gather information on talent and interest in advocacy.
  1. Promote communication between the membership and State legislators, Massachusetts Congressional delegation and related administrative staff members
    • Foster relationships with key State legislators, legislative staff and administrators, and educate them on behalf of MASFAA members on key issues and concerns in the financial aid 
    • Reimagine State House Day event and work in coordination with AICUM to increase participation of students and institutions, with particular emphasis on participation from public colleges and universities.
    • Provide information on the MASFAA list-serve and website to alert the membership to important changes in federal and state regulation and legislation as needed.
    • Provide training sessions on advocacy, federal and state regulations and programs, and/or changes in existing programs.
    • Maintain federal compliance resources for MASFAA members regarding requirements such as private loan RFIs, loan counseling, consumer disclosures, and Constitution Day.

Committee Members

Betsy Mayotte
The Institute of Student Loan Advisors