Early Awareness and Outreach Committee


The purpose of the Early Awareness and Outreach Committee is to be engaged with financial aid administrators in the state to promote early college planning initiatives at the middle school and high school levels with the knowledge that the cost of college is the greatest challenge for underrepresented and low-income populations. We also act as an early awareness and financial aid resource for MASFAA members as well as high school and college preparation counselors so that they may remain educated, engaged, and effective as professionals.


  1. Expanding the partnership with the State’s GEAR UP programs, guidance communities, and institution presidents.
  2. Developing and implementing two annual MASFAA Carnival of Learning for approximately 120 middle-school students which are hosted at different middle schools throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one event held in the fall and the other in the spring.
  3. Providing training and presentation materials to MASFAA members for outreach and working with MASFAA committees to achieve these goals.

Goals & Objectives

  1. To create new and strengthen current MASFAA partnerships with community leaders, officials and citizens which serve the communities of Massachusetts.
  2. To continue and improve our efforts at collaborating with Massachusetts School Counselors Association, Gear Up, American Student Assistance, MEFA, and the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Aid to promote early awareness of financial aid and college access.
  3. To continue to develop, improve and implement two annual Carnival of Learning events serving an approximate total of 120-140 Middle School students in different communities around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by offering high quality early awareness programs.
  4. To increase financial literacy and financial aid awareness to the parents of the middle school students who participate in the Carnival of Learning event by creating a complementary financial literacy workshop.
  5. To encourage MASFAA members to volunteer at the Carnival of Learning Events without active commitment to the committee.
  6. To increase the presence of MASFAA and the EA&O Committee across all of Massachusetts.
  7. To improve the quality and content of our EA&O resources.

Committee Members

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